Starting Out On-Line

Step By Step   

  1. Safety First- Establishing Personal Space Bubble via a Back Up
  2. Body Parts Control -Yields to Rhythmic Pressure
  3. Body Parts Control- Yields to Steady Pressure
  4. Whole Horse Control - Sideways
  5. Whole Horse Control - Circling
Please Note: Even though this is a Step By Step method, there may be some exceptions to the rule of the sequence of steps, depending on the Equinality of the horse and whether she/he is in a learning frame of mind. If you are struggling to get your horse's attention and getting your horse into a learning frame of mind because your horse's behavior is extreme or your horse is acting dangerous, causing you to feel or be unsafe, please stop and seek help from a good experienced horse trainer. 
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Introduction , Tools, Overview and Gameplan
Video 1 - Establishing My Personal Space via the Back Up
  • Using Rhythmic Pressure
Video 2 - Hind Quarter Yield
  • Using Rhythmic Pressure
Video 3 - Front End Yield
  • Using Rhythmic Pressure
Video 4 - Yields to Steady Pressure
  • Back Up
  • Front End Yield
  • Hind Quarter Yield
  • Lowering Head
  • Picking Up Feet
Video 5 - Sideways Step 1
  • By the fence
  • Using Rhythmic Pressure
Video 6 - Sideways Step 2
  • By the fence review
  • And Around Me
  • Using Rhythmic Pressure
Video 7 - Sideways Step 3
  • on a straight line in front of me
  • Using Rhythmic Pressure
Video 8 - Circling
  • Back up
  • Send
  • Maintain gait/direction
  • Bring back
Video 9 - Rhythmic Motion Versus Rhythmic Pressure

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