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"So many people limit themselves with their thoughts on a daily basis, by telling themselves that they cannot do something or even worse, they listen to others who tell them that they cannot do it. They limit themselves from even attempting to live their dreams and reach for their goals. This is not you! You and I both know that the only limit is our own imposter's syndrome  and lack of resourcefulness. This applies not only to our horsemanship, but to anything that we want to achieve in other areas of our lives. I have been able to live my dreams my whole life and achieve 10x more than most people will in their lifetime, following this exact principle. I want the same for you! Believe your dreams, believe that you can do it and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Believe that you can, immerse yourself in learning, take massive action and watch it happen!" 

Mirka Crew


The pink caps will ship out on or after December 18th, 2021, the black caps will ship out on or after January 18th, 2022. 
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Cap and T-Shirt Bundle PRESALE:

The blue/pink bundle will ship out on or after December 17, 2021, the blue/black bundle will ship out on or after January 18th, 2022. 
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