Duos, Trios, or more...

So you have been playing with a couple (or more) f horses individually for awhile, they each have a strong foundation and you would like to combine them together. 

Start ON-LINE with two of them, then build on that.

  1. Introduce them to THE SWEET SPOT - positioned closely side by side, with respect without fear between the two (or more eventually), interrupt any fussing between the two - you are the leader.

  2. Practice backing them up then drawing them to you - for your safety and to test responsiveness levels. Odds are, they will be different. The more sluggish horse will need more of your focus. 

  3. Ask for sideways in front of you - one horse will need to "push" with is ribcage into the other horse. You may need to get in the middle with your stick and help the first horse move. Reward harmony, responsiveness, togetherness, peacefulness. You can master the sideways by asking them to draw sideways to you.

  4. Position them next to the fence side by side(you on the left side by the neck, one horse on your right side, the second horse on his right side, the fence on the right side of the second horse), practice walking with them next to you, slowly come to a stop, then a back up. Eventually build to a trot. Reward the sweet spot - horses are perfectly lined up and close to each other. 

  5. as they walk through an arena corner (doable in round pen too using the fence), keep your feet still and have them walk a close range circle around you. You can stay there and start playing with circling, using the corner for support. Practice transitions. Eventually asking moving the circle to different places still by the arena fence. Then wean yourself of the fence. 

  6. Practice changes of direction during close range circling.


On-line is going well, you'd like to try it at liberty now. Use a round pen.

  1. Get them individually into a thinking frame of mind on-line, ideally, prior to your liberty session.

  2. In the round pen at liberty, send them on a circle and see how they interact. Once their "play" is out of them, ask them to come in, position them into the sweet spot position and let them rest. 

  3. Ask them to back up few steps, draw them back to you. Or just practice draw if more rapport is needed while facing them, move away from them and encourage them to walk up while they stay close to each other. S-pattern. 

  4. Practice sideways around you. 

  5. Take them for a walk by the round pen fence. Practice transitions. You can also walk in the middle and have them on your sides. 

  6. Close range circling. Reward togetherness - perfect alignment with each other and harmony.

  7. Changes of direction during close range circling.

Sideways at Liberty with Gemma and Rhebok
Creating Draw at Liberty with Gemma and Rhebok
Duo on-line first session in a lesson with Jane and her horses Stormy and Molly

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