- towards improved partnership with your horse.

A STEP BY STEP METHODICAL PROGRAM - with a printable guide

           ***NEW *** in 2019


Teach your horse the ingredients towards a better posture and self-carriage in just a few short sessions, by following a 6 Step program. 

  • Access my ORGANIZED VIDEO LIBRARY with short, straight to the point, videos which include prerequisites for each exercise and helpful pointers. Following my program, you can START AT YOUR OWN LEVEL. With the basics on the ground online, or at LIBERTY and/or advancing through intermediate stage all the way to advanced techniques and maneuvers such as the Piaffe in hand. You will have FUN following several FOALS' EDUCATION, WEANLING FOUNDATION BUILDING as well as observing the COLT STARTINGING preprequisites and guides, such as first ride preparations, ponying, two line driving, first few rides. You might wish to improve your RIDING WITH CONTACT, a soft purposeful connection, or venture out to some BRIDLELESS riding. You can also find many tips in my gentling and training techniques of WILD MUSTANGS for clients as well as for the Extreme Mustang Makeover competitions. You will see examples of me working with horses with UNWANTED BEHAVIORS such as pacing, bucking or getting on too much adrenaline. For a bit of INSPIRATION, or just out of curiosity, you may want to check out my career highlights videos.

  • ***NEW*** POSTURE FOCUSED TRAINING (a document plus videos) - this is my newest baby in the making for you all! I have worked hard to gain the experience, of training many horses of different ages, genders and breeds, towards better self-carriage as well as coaching many students towards achieving great results. Creating again an easy to follow Step by Step program (Just 6 Steps!) to help your horse learn the ingredients needed towards improving his posture and the quality of stride which leads not only to beauty and grace, but physically also to longevity and health. 

  • PRACTICAL GUIDE - printable documents to accompany your journey that will show you where to start, keep you on the right track and will help you get to where you wish to go.

  • FACEBOOK SUPPORT GROUP; a place to interact within a like-minded community, to comment and to ask me questions and follow some of my horses in training via weekly videos.


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