"It's about so much MORE THAN just RIDING. 

My goal as a teacher is to EMPOWER my students, so they can eventually do everything by themselves. "

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Location: Southern Cross Ranch
6065 Co Rd 55, Columbia, AL 36319
Price: $60/hour (w/your horse or hers)
Toddler's special: 30 min $30 with a mini

NOTE - PRICE INCREASE: Starting June 1st 2021, lesson prices have increased, due to increased horse feed prices as well as increased prices for goods and services. Thank you for your understanding!


  • Learn how to halter, lead, groom, clean feet, tack up, lunge the horse, ask the horse to do basic yields (hind quarter, sideways, front end, back up) 

  • In the saddle they learn to have an independent seat, not balancing themselves on the saddle horn, or worse, the reins first. They will start on a lunge line to improve their riding position which will help improve their balance and posture. In the trot they must master the sitting and the posting position before learning to canter. They will be instructed to ride on a loose rein first, learn how to shorten both reins or one individually, then learn how to use their focus and leg to make a turn, their seat and legs to ask the horse to go, their body to ask the horse to stop, followed by the use of reins for a back up. 

  • Our horses have had hundreds of hours of ground work to prepare them well for the lunging session. They listen to my vocal cues and watch my body language, so that I can help the kid by controlling the horse if needed, but I will also stand back once the kid starts following instructions well, to wean them off my help and eventually they will ride by themselves in an enclosed arena. Eventually I will add cones and obstacles as well, to make riding and learning more fun.

  • For kids 2-4 years of we have couple miniature horses to learn on. They are a great confidence booster and are a safer option than regular size horses.

  • If your child has been ridding for awhile and is ready to advance, perhaps even to show, I can help them polish their skills and improve their maneuvers.  

  • It is great to start young, just like riding a bicycle or learning how to swim. Many adults are thankful they learned to ride at a young age. As they get older, the barn becomes a nice retreat from a daily life, a place to relax while staying physically active. I have students who still ride very actively, or even show, in their mid 70's. 

  • BENEFITS: Improved posture, focus, balance, strength, feel, coordination of different body parts, following teacher's instructions, can be emotionally therapeutic, connection with an animal, responsibility of taking care of the horse, fun. 



       Whether you are a complete beginner, or are already competing, I will be happy to work with you. Many adults have not had lessons in their past and need to re-learn the basics. Some have lost confidence or have gotten stuck on their journey towards improvement. Some are still in search of connection and harmony with their horse. Some just want to improve their riding position or techniques. For some the riding has become stressful because they have lost control of their horse. Some may not even want to ride, but are looking to engage with their horses on the ground and give their horse a purpose. No matter the reason, come to me for help. I will be there, patiently, supporting you and guiding you through every step. I do not just teach the HOW, but also the WHY, because without understanding the WHY, the HOW cannot be effective. 

  • BENEFITS: Improve your posture, focus, balance, strength, feel, patience, leadership skills, coordination of different body parts, can be emotionally therapeutic - destress, find harmony with your horse, learn new skills and techniques, find more fascinations and fun instead of so many frustrations.