Mirka has spent 20 years training horses for public, competing in western disciplines, as well as teaching clinics and private lesson. Her main focus and passions are to train a versatile horse. Her favorite disciplines are reining, ranch trail, ranch riding, western dressage, as well as  liberty and bridle-less. She seeks lightness in responsiveness, connection and harmony with each horse. 

Over the years, through influence of many great human and equine mentors, Mirka has discovered that collection can be achieved even at liberty and bridle-less. She calls it Posture Focused Training.





This style of training encourages lateral and vertical balance resulting in better self-carriage. The horse is taught and motivated in each session, on the ground and under saddle/bareback, to find better balance and eventually collection. This is achieved through series of exercises. The horse is eventually reminded to maintain better posture, instead of holding her/him in it. The horse learns and understands this concept mentally, rather than the rider physically micromanaging the horse's body into this posture. 


Mirka has also managed and hosted several equestrian competitions over the years, WOHA, SESHA/VRH-AQHA, AOCA, Alabama Wild Mustang TIP Challenges and Jackpot Obstacle Races and has become an ILHA judge.

2020 - President of the Southeast Stock Horse Association

2021 - Secretary of the Southeast Stock Horse Association

2021 - International Liberty Horse Association Judge

2021 - Founder and Manager of the Southeast Liberty Horse Club



Mirka has won a couple of World Champions (WDAA - 2020 Basic Level Open Division and ABRA - 2007 Working Cow Horse Open Division), is a veteran Mustang Makeover and Mustang Magic Competitor with multiple TOP 3 and TOP 5 placings, has placed TOP 5 in Invitational Freestyles (RTTH Horsemanship Freestyle,  ILHA and Mustang Magic Celebrity). She has an extensive show experience, by competing in many different disciplines (stock horse, reining, western dressage, liberty, bridleless, trail, etc...), with several different breed and discipline focused associations in the last 20 years, including AQHA, NRHA, NRCHA, WDAA, ABRA, ILHA, MHF, SESHA, SEA and GVHS, winning multiple Year End Awards and Grand Championships in some of them. 


Mirka Crew - Trainer/Instructor/Clinician